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Oakwood Court College offers young people with learning disabilities individually tailored education and independence skills programmes, set within an extended curriculum. Students are supported according to need through a combination of complimentary and compensatory support to ensure they are enabled to make informed choices and advance their independence.

Curriculum learning is embedded and extended through practical life skills set within everyday settings in order to progress the learner’s ability to independently cope with life choices, daily living and develop a creative life style.

A primary strand of this individually tailored programme is assisting learners to become economically active members of society through securing meaningful vocations, increase their independence and establish their autonomy through becoming less dependent upon benefits and state intervention. This is achieved through a measured acquisition of hard and soft skills, therapeutic intervention, direct and indirect learning and realtime practical experience.

The success of this total programme is not in it’s constituent parts but that it’s is a thoroughly integrated and finely coordinated process, aimed at the young person achieving their desired outcome.

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