Our curriculum is informed through the input of our specialist in house team of Speech and Language therapists, Counsellors and Psychologists. Whether through direct delivery by the team, or through co-planning of learning, all of our learners benefit from our blended model that is evidence based and created to fit the needs of each individual.

Almost all of our learners undertake work experience as part of their programme. This structured at the pace and level of the learners – so for some this may mean skill development initially and an in-house placement, for others this could mean full days in a work place that is of interest to them for the future.

Our unique approach at Oakwood is that we work with the learner, their families and other people involved in their lives to decide what and how they should learn. The content of the learners programme is driven by the targets in their EHCP and their own personal goals and aspirations, and we use the curriculum as vehicle to deliver this.


The first six weeks of the College term is an initial assessment period, where we design activities and learning to assess the learners starting point in relation to their targets, and where we can, we use a measurement tool so that we can track the progress that they make through the terms.



Each learner has a dedicated personal Tutor, who is also their class teacher – they will see them for the majority of their college programme. Parents and carers will have the opportunity to meet the teacher at the beginning of term and also at the 6 week person centred review.


Each of our campuses is overseen by a Head and Deputy Head of campus who are responsible for the day to day running of the College. They lead on areas such as curriculum, behaviour, safeguarding and attendance.


Leading both campuses in Dawlish and Torpoint is the College Principal. The College Principal is responsible for managing the direction of the college, developing our provision and leading our staff.




At Oakwood we provide learning programmes for learners with a wide range of abilities and that require differing levels of support according to their individual needs.

We work with learners aged 16 and upwards including those working at the earliest stages of entry level qualifications to Entry 3 and level 1.


Our Curriculum offer is not defined by a qualification, and is structured around the Post 16 Study Programme model which includes a learning programme, work experience, maths and English and other non qualification activity to enrich our learners experience and prepare them for adulthood.

At the end of the 6 week period we hold a person centred review with the learner, their family and other people in their lives to agree their personal targets for the year. The teachers then use these targets to further personalise the learning they undertake.


The learners targets are captured and recorded on their own individual learning plan (ILP) which is reviewed with the learner every week through a tutorial. We encourage learners to contribute to this, uploading pictures and videos of their work and achievement. Teachers and support staff also provide assessment evidence and progress comments as these are achieved.


 Reports about the progress that learners make here are shared with the learner, their families and other people involved in their lives on a half termly basis. A full review is conducted usually in the spring term where the learners are able to present what they have achieved so far, and informed discussion are had about their next steps. It is really important that discussion about what the next academic year will bring are had at this stage so that we can prepare the learner for a further year of study, or start to undertake preparations for transition to another setting if this is what is agreed, in a timely way that is fully supportive of the learner and their families.


The learning that learners undertake is delivered in a fun and motivating project style – with learners getting involved in local events, enterprise activities and being part of the community. We also weave in as many opportunities as we can to actively promote the development of social skills, communication, self esteem and emotional regulation.


In addition, all learners have access to an exciting enrichment programme, with dedicated time for physical activity, craft, art and drama to name but a few. All important opportunities for them to put in to practice their social and communication skills and building confidence and a sense of enjoyment in learning.


Finally, many of learners enjoy the incredible achievement of undertaking their Duke of Edinburgh award whilst at Oakwood. We pride ourselves in providing this opportunity for our young people to undertake fun and adventure through three progressive Award levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold). We value the chance this provides for them to push their personal boundaries, gain new skills and be recognised in their development.


The College day begins at 9am, where learners arrive and are provided with structured support to transition in to the learning environment. We run activities such as mindfulness and exercise to warm them up and prepare them for the day ahead – this is called “ready to learn”.


The day then consists of 5 lessons of 50m with their group teacher, who is dedicated to working with a specific learner group to ensure they can really know and understand the learners well to maximise their learning. Learners access Maths and English throughout the week in dedicated lessons, as well as the skills being applied and developed throughout the curriculum.


Lunch is 45 minutes in duration and is held in our dining room, with hearty and healthy meals provided by our partner catering company that caters for our learners dietary needs and options.


The College learning day finishes at 3pm, however our learners have the opportunity to attend one of our after college clubs or return home. After College club attendance must be booked prior to the start of term to ensure we have adequate staffing in place for those that wish to attend. We would ask that consideration is given to each individuals energy levels, as for some a 3pm finish is more appropriate to ensure they are well rested for the following day.


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