Disability Rights UK


Disability Rights UK is an organisation led by Disabled people and their work is informed by the lived experience of Disabled people.

Get Ahead resources

Get Ahead is a toolkit and resource to help Disabled young people navigate the wide range of information and resources on post-16 education and training, employment and support. It is also a platform where young people can have their voice heard and share the many talents they have.

Disabled Student Helpline

Disability Rights UK runs a Disabled Students Helpline which offers information and advice to disabled students, apprentices and trainees by phone and email on a range of topics including:

  • applying to college, university and apprenticeships
  • telling people about your disability
  • financial assistance
  • adjustments for disabled students and apprentices
  • rights in post -16 education and training under the Equality Act 2010
  • how to resolve any disagreements.

The helpline supports disabled students, apprentices, parents and carers and professionals supporting disabled students aged over 16 in England.

In addition to the helpline, Disability Rights UK also produces a range of free education factsheets and guides for disabled students, trainees and apprentices on post 16 education and training.

Disability Rights UK’s Into Apprenticeships 2022 guide deals with common questions such as how to find an apprenticeship, whether the training will be accessible and what support is available in the workplace. There are several inspiring stories written by disabled apprentices about their own experiences and the challenges they have faced. The guide also contains a useful resources section listing further websites, publications and organisations which can help.


The Disabled Apprentices Network (DAN) examines the barriers that some Disabled young people might face, what makes apprenticeships successful and what employers, training providers and educators can do to provide the necessary support.

Feedback from last Academic year

Philosophy on feedback

As part of our approach to reflective practice Phoenix Learning and Care recognise and embrace the importance of developing a culture of continual learning and development.  We welcome feedback on our achievements and the opportunity to share best practice, however we equally understand the importance of learning from our shortfalls. As such we welcome hearing about where we may have not lived up to our high standards and we truly value the opportunity to reflect and learn about areas that we need to develop further.

Within the last academic year we have received the following number of compliments and complaints.  


If you would like to provide feedback to the school or wish to make us aware of a compliment or complaint then you can email the school direct.

Alternatively, you may contact our Operations Director for Education, Darren Jackson on:

We treat all concerns appropriately and all complaints are investigated thoroughly following our complaints policy and procedure which can be found within the Policies section of this website.  


Our proprietors Phoenix Learning and Care, welcome enquiries for placements in any of our services.

Please call us on 03330 150331 or email

We will provide an initial response to all enquiries as soon as possible, advising the options available and indicative dates of admission.

The referrals team can discuss the local offer and where appropriate, put you in contact with the respective Registered Manager or Head Teacher to discuss the practical areas in greater detail.

The Young Person and/or Student are openly encouraged to visit along with parents, guardians or Social Workers to see if the placement is suitable.

Once the placement is confirmed, we work to ensure a smooth transition including the completion of required documentation.


We work closely with our children/young people, their families and professionals to create bespoke programmes of learning for students, which are tailored to their educational and social and emotional needs, supporting them to achieve their full potential. This means that we deliver a personalised curriculum, which, where possible, acknowledges the national curriculum and meets the individual needs of our students, whilst also supporting them to meet the outcomes identified in their EHCPs.

To achieve this, every student has an individual education plan which identifies their areas of need and how we can best address them, both in terms of staff approach and the curriculum that they are provided.  Our goal is to provide access to the best academic outcomes possible as well as preparing our students for adulthood and the next stage of their education by equipping them with the skills required to achieve personal success.